Our Process

Every client interaction takes place in four stages: starting with a conversation about your vision and needs for your event, a meeting to discuss your personalized design proposal and pricing, follow up to finalize everything, and ending with beautiful flowers on your event day. Below is a guide to help walk you through this process to ensure everything runs simply and smoothly for your wedding.

1. Consultation: We will talk and get to know you as a couple. Discuss your vision, design, likes/dislikes, and really get an understanding of who you are.

2. Proposal: We schedule a follow-up meeting (in-person or video chat) to go over your proposal in detail. This allows us to go over any questions you have in detail and make any necessary changes to create exactly what you envision for your celebration.

3. Follow-up: We like to touch base around six weeks before your event, to go over everything and make sure nothing has changed or needs to be added. Making sure that every detail has been accounted for.

4. Production: We begin the process of creating flowers for your event. We order, staff, process, prepare, and design each and every detail discussed to create your dream event.