Photo by  Sarah Ingram

Photo by Sarah Ingram


We believe in the communicative power of flowers. The change they can create in an environment. The way they can activate a space. Each flower has a personality and tells a story. Our passion is to give those stories a voice. 


We specialize in floral design for weddings and other events. We focus on creating cohesion on your day from start to finish, creating work that reflects your vision and personality, rather than mimicking what has already been done. We put our heart and soul into everything we do. We are so much more than a wedding vendor, we are creators. Our excitement comes from the little details: the graceful movement of a vine or the raw beauty of a delicate bloom inspires us to create arrangements showcasing that beauty to the fullest. Our work focuses on movement and depth, weaving nature together and taking our lead from the changing seasons.



While we are based in the Southeastern corner of the United States, we love to travel and work in new environments, continuously drawing inspiration from our many locales. We've had the privilege to work in many exciting locations, including a few of our favorite inspirational spots in the Bay Area, Charleston, Paris, and the UK.